Well the dental work is getting under way!!! I go in on October 25. Lovie called and talked to them about the crown deal, and I will not be getting it for now, but they will put one on when I am ready for it.
   There was NO WAY we could afford $1200 right now!!! The root canal will be a little over $400 by it's self! I really think we need dental insurance!!! awgh!
   My Momma left this morning with my sister and hubby to go to her sisters for her 50th wedding anniversary wkend! They will start off with dinner Friday night, Saturday they have a big day planed with a big craft festival, then a party Saturday night. It should be alot of fun. I wish Lovie and I could have went, but he could not take off from work. I know they will have a great time!
   I watched the movie Honey today. It was your typical happy ending dance movie. It was ok, good but just ok.

Have a giggly night!

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