I had a tough time working this morning! I wanted to be sleeping! BLAH! But I got it all done and took time to lay on the sofa and watch some shows I recorded over the wkend!
   The wkend was good, started out with cool weather but it turned warmer! After unpacking we started decorating the site for Halloween, well... Some of our decorations are missing, we must have brought some home to put in the attic!?!?!? Lovie will get them down this week and we'll add them to the others this coming wkend.
   We went to dinner with my sister and brother-in-law to a new restaurant in town. Seafood and home cooking buffet! VERRA yummy! We will be making a trip back there!
   We rode the golfcarts for a while till we got too cold!! ~*giggle*~ I love being able to say that!! We went in to watch a movie and get some rest since it was a working wkend for us. Of course I had shank too deep in the covers I feel asleep! It felt wonderful to sleep with the windows open for a change,no air conditioner humming over head! awhhhhhh! NO head ache when I woke the next morning!
   We woke Saturday morning to warmer weather! BUMMER! Thank goodness I had brought warm and cool clothes! We had to take pics starting at 11 am. The park was almost full, but not that many kids to me! It seemed like there were more adults. The costume contest is always my fav! What great ideas they come up with!! I think we might dress this year, ya never know what kinda mood I can get into!!
   We had lots of trick-o-treaters. We started running out of candy verra quickly!!! We found out Chris was giving the candy out by the hand fulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had to take over from him to make it the rest of the hour!!!! The dance was fun! Great costumes!! One down two to go!!!
   Lovie and I are picking Momma up tonight at my sisters house around 8pm! I talked to them twice since while they were gone, they sounded like they had a GREAT time!!!!!
   Lovie just walked in so I gotta run!! Have a great night!

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