yesterday the 12th was my Daddy's

Happy Birthday Daddy! We miss you!!!!! Come home soon! I Love you!

   I heard today about a friend of mine arrested for stealing close to $250,000 from where I worked with her! OMG! I was not hearing this right I just knew! I am waiting to read it in the newspaper for myself! This is the craziest thing I have heard! I am so saddened by this, she was to be married on Saturday to another friend of mine and she has two kids! I knew there was something about her that she kept secret but NEVER would I have imagined stealing money! NEVER!!! I am floored and very disappointed in her! I will post more about this when I hear more! I am in SHOCK!
   I cleaned house, did all the laundry and and ironed today! YAHOO! it is all DONE!!! Now all I have to do is finish getting our stuff together for the wkend and type the activities!!! Go me! Go me! We are not leaving till Friday after lunch, so that gives me plenty of ME time!!! ~*giggle*~
   We watched Mean Girls Monday! TOO CUTE of a movie and a great lesson learned movie! I think ALL young girls should watch it!!!
Great Movie!
   The holidays are truly sneaking up on me!!! This wkend is the first of three wkends of at the campground! I have not even decorated the campsite! OMG!!!! This is the first time in a LONG time I have not been prepared!! I have not bought candy yet!! I am freaking out here!!!! EEEkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Have to get on the ball!!!
   America's Next Top Model just came on so I am outta here!!!! Have a great night and do not forget to get you Halloween candy, get a mammogram and decorate!!!!

 : * :  giggle  : * : 

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