Rabbit! Rabbit!

Happy Ocotber!

   Stressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the newspaper to write TODAY! I write the news every month, but with the month I have had I have put it off till NOW! Boy O Boy!! I will not do that again! But I got it all done, all but one article, waiting on the pics to come in for that! But it will all be published come Monday! Whew!
   I had to re-do one finger nail today! I thought I would get a jump on things by getting them done early this week but that did not work out for me! Poo!
   We have a wedding tomorrow in the New Orleans area. It will be alot of fun, most everyone from the campground will be there! I had a run down on the menu, OH MAN! I am saving my appetite! YUMMY!
   I sleep so good last night. I had planned a nap today but the news halted that plan! I will have to get in the bed early tonight! I am not sure what we are going to do for dinner tonight, might be pizza!! It is Friday and we are home!!!!!!!! I can not get over it!! ~*giggle*~
   Have a wonderful night and a fantabulous wkend! Do not forget to say Rabbit, Rabbit today, and it is Breat Cancer Awarness Month! Good night!

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