It is RAINING!!! We really need this rain verra bad! Our lil town has been put under a No Fire Ban. Everything is drying up! Thank you Jesus for the rain!
   Everyday when I wake I thank God for another day, but pray it will be a good day without the thoughts of making it my last day. My mind is so tired, I wish I could wash it all free of these thoughts. This is one of the hardest things I have been threw in my life. I understand it is going to be a long healing process, but I want it over with now! I want to be the person I use to be! I want to smile and mean it! I am a very luck person to have the love of my life, the family I have, my health, a home to live in, my Lovie has a great job, I should be happy! I never knew quitting smoking was going to have this affect on me! You could not pay me or make me EVER smoke again! I am very proud of myself!
   I kinda went shoe CRAZY past few weeks! ~*giggle*~ Check them out!

   We had a great time at the wedding, but the air was not working, so it was HOT! But everything was beautiful! And the food was great! We went to a casino after with friends to cool off, HOT in there too! Aghw! But our friends hit the jackpot!!! Yahoo!!!!!
   Sunday morning I wanted to sleep late, but not so luck for me! I woke around 9am after not getting to bed until 2:45am!!!! But I did sleep good!! I laid back down with Lovie for a while then we got up to get dressed to go shopping. We picked up some fried chicken and went by Momma's to eat. We were home in time for me to watch my new FAV show!!!!! ~*giggle*~ Desperate Housewives I LOVE IT!!!
   Well it is off to do my meme for the day, since the internet was down most of the day!!! Have a great night!

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