Off to see the wizard... ~*giggle*~ I went to see the doctor today! As of today it has been 6 weeks since my last cig!!!! I am so proud of myself!!!! Go me! Go me! Anyway... back to the doctor visit... he thinks I need to give my meds a little more time to get in my system. I agree with him, I am feeling alot better, but still have down times. But...it will get better! He also gave me some sleeping pills to help me sleep better! YAHOO!!! I am VERRA excited about getting some good, much needed sleep! ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz city tonight! Well it is off to the bath for a nice long soak, then a little TV time, gotta watch Survivor! Have a great night!

   OH! Do not forget tomarrow is October the first! Makesure you say Rabbit, Rabbitfor a great month! Also it is breast cancer awarness month, make sure you get a check up and wear your pink!

Good Night!

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