I went to the dentist prepared to "have work done" well...NO SUCH LUCK! They took an x-ray and found that the bone / tooth fragment is not what has been hurting! I have a cavity!!! OMG!!! I could not and did not want to hear that!!! They told me I need a root canal and a crown! I asked "how much is that"...NO ANSWER, they gave us a workup sheet with the total amount of $1200 for ONE TOOTH!!!!!! OMG! We can not afford this right now! I can have that done or have it pulled!!!! I do not want to loose another tooth! That would be five all together! I will have to call them Monday to ask them about what I can do, I want to have the root canal but can not afford the crown right now! I pray they will work with me to save this tooth!!! Keep my lil toothie in your prayers please!
   We are staying home this wkend. The planed activity was postponed due to rain all wkend, so we are taking advantage of staying home one more time!!! ~*giggle*~ Seeing that the next three wkends are Halloween and we will be in high gear for all three, we might as well take a break for now!
   We are going down to Momma's this afternoon to have coffee and visit. Lovie is watching a movie ( The Punisher ) I have not paid it too much attention so I can not give a opinion on it! We will make a trip to Blockbuster to grab us some movies for the wkend!!!! We have dinner plans tomorrow night, so it will be laying around movie day Saturday and Sunday for us! Have a great wkend and stay dry, calling for showers all wkend here!!!

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