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   Friday night we went to Blockbuster then to Momma's to visit. We got home around 10:30pm, we found on the floor Decon Rat Poison! We paniced and picked it all up and took the kids to potty! When we brought them back in "Lexi" threw up BLUE! She had eaten the Decon!!! We were really panicy then! Lovie called a 24 hours animal hospital and they told us to bring her in.  We brought her and "Belle" because we were not sure if she had eaten some too!!
   The doctor took them both to the back to "pump" their tummies!! Oh my poor lil baby girls!!! The poured peroxide down their throats to make them throw up! "Belle" took it and threw up right away, the doctor came out and said she had only food in her. But "Lexi" would not OPEN her mouth for them!!! Lil Stinker!! He finally had to give her some charcoal to make her throw up. He also gave her a shot of vitamin K, sent home some VK for us to give her for 10 days. He said she is going to be ok, but to watch her closely. My "Lexi" she is a mess and gets into anything and everything! We had forgotten the decon was behind the TV! It has been about year since we put it back there!!! But HOW she got to it is what we can not figure out!

   With that little emergency my dental work is pushed back to the 20th! But I am not fussing, my girls lives come first!!!! I am going to call the dentist office in the morning and let them know it will be then before I can come back in and get some more info I need from them. I still have not made my mind up what I am going to do yet! Aghw!
   The weather here is VERRA wet! It started raining Tursday afternoon and it is STILL raining! Now we have Tropical Storm Matthew coming straight for us! He should be here tomorrow! Winds of 30MPH not too bad, but MORE rain! We needed the rain, but this is a little much!
   Our dinner plans were canceled last night due to the rain, they have been moved till tonight. We will have a relaxing day with movies! Hope you have a great Sunday!!

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