Hi! I am still here, and feeling somewhat better! Meds are kicking in and my spirit is getting higher! I am starting to feel like my old self again! I had three nights of sleep!!! But last night I did not sleep too well. Is this something I will have to learn to live with, I hope not! I ma dealing with a rash on my forehead from one of my meds! It is like a heat rash but like pimples! I burns and hurts! The allergy cream I have to put on it seems to be working though! Thank goodness, I looked like something out of a monster movie! haha
   Well it is finally time tonight for Big Brother 5!!! It doesn't seem like it is time for it to end, but this season was a little on the boring side! The Horsemen think it is the all time best, but I think NOT! I just can not wait to see what happens tonight!
   We had escaped from Ivan last week! We missed the bullet again! But the poor people that were hit my heart goes out to them! My Daddy left today to head to Destin Florida for clean up. Most of the homes they will bull doze down, because they are to unsafe for the owners to go back in! I can not imagine how hard that must be on them! My thoughts and prayers are with them all.
   Going to get things done to settle in for BB5! Do not forget tomorrow is the first day of Fall !! YAHOO! Have a great night!

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