It's the 1st day of Fall !!!!

   Well our lil camper is back in it's spot! Thank goodness it was not as hot as it has been! These new meds of mine make ya SWEAT! YUCKIE! My hair was stuck to my head! But oh well, I am verra happy to get the camper and our stuff back in order!
   Big Brother was pretty good last night. I still say it was a boring season, nothing like that past four! I am not knocking it, I am just saying it could have been alot better! They thought they had some hum dingers picked and all they had was some that only wanted the camera time to get their faces seen, and show off their SO CALLED acting skills! HA!
   We have SUCH a busy month coming up! I LOVE the fall season! Everyone seems to come alive, but yet slow down and enjoy things more! The heat takes so much out of ya! I love the feel, smell, weather, campfires, ect... Nothing like a little hussle and bussle to kick off the holidays season!!!

Our month!
Oct 1 & 3 - decorate at campground for Halloween

Oct 2 - Wedding in Gretna, La.

Oct 3 - Desprate Housewives premier

Oct 4 - Momma birthday

Oct 5 - Janie's birthday

Oct 8 - 10 - Tangi Thunder Bike wkend @ campground

Oct 12 - Daddy's birthday

Oct 15 - 16 - 1st Halloween wkend @ campground

Oct 17 - Robin's birthday

Oct 22 - 24 - 2nd Halloween @ campground

Oct 30 - Belle's 3rd birthday

Oct 29 - 31 - Halloween wkend! @ campground

Oct 31 - Daylight saving time!

Hope you have your Fall plan ready!! YAHOO!!! America's Next Top Model starts tonight!!!! I am giddy! Have a great 1st day of fall night!

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