Calgon take me away! I can not sleep! Sunday night I was up till 3am and woke Monday morning at 7am! Monday night I was up till 2:30 am and woke at 5am! Lovie made me go back to bed after he left to get some rest! I am verra fatigued and have dark circles under my eyes! Last night we planed on goign to bed early, but it was midnightbefore we realized it! AWRGH! I need sleep!
   Well...my hair is blonde once again! The poll was tied 10 to 10, but Lovie REALLY wanted it blonde again, so I did it! Oh will I ever be a brunette again?! Prolly not! ~*giggle*~
   I am cleaning and doing my wash today. Lovie and I will pick Momma Linda up tomorrow night form the NO airport and go to dinner. I am a little upset about missing Big Brother, but Momma Linda is worth it!
    ~*giggle*~I am watching Good Morning America and they asked if yoou say Rabbit, Rabiit on the first day of every month? I have NEVER heard of this! But according to them if you say Rabbit, Rabbit on the first of the month every month you will have good luck and a fabulos month every month!! Well dryer bussing need to get back to it! Have a geat day!

Rabbit, Rabbit!

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