It is good to be home! I love going to the campground, but I like coming home too! We left Wednesday. As we got on the interstate, Lovie was passing someone and we had a blow out! It took him about 30 - 45 minutes to get it change due to the small tire tool ! But we were back on the road soon! He will go in the morning to have the tire replaced.  We went to dinner with Momma and Daddy that night.
   Lovie is sick! He is coughing really bad, I hope he doesn't have bronchitis! He coughed all wkend! I told him that would not be good for both of us to be on inhalers! I am not coughing anymore, but can not clear my throat! It is driving em up the wall!!!!!!!
   It was a VERRA slow wkend at the campground. Not too many campers there! I like the quit wkends but I like campers in the park! It makes it interesting!
   Thursday I went to Wal Mart with Momma & Daddy. Lovie meet us there. We went to eat Chinses for lunch, then headed back to the campground for a afternoon nap! I watch Ella Inchanted, it was WONDERFUL! I love it sooooo much! It is a updated modern rock take on Cinderella! A must see, make you feel good, tap your toes movie!

Great movie

   Thursday night we went to dinner with friends to Chili's Yummy! We had a great visit with them. We got back just in time to see the HOH competition on BB5! Marvin again!!! I HOPE he put Adria up on the block! One evil twin down one to go!
   Friday Lovie and I sleep late! We went to visit at the store after getting dressed Lovie got a recipe for crawfish etouffee from a costumer. He followed the recipe to the tee! He marinaded the crawfish like it said, with meat tendorizer! Well...it made the crawfish shrink to NOTHING!!!!! I twas good, but different! He was not happy! Poor thing, I felt sorry for him!
   Saturday morning I told Lovie I wanted to go for an sight seeing tour! This will be our last "free" wkend for a while! The fall camping season starts this coming wkend! So we got Momma and Daddy and headed out! We found a cool lil shop. I bought some incense, my fav sandlewood soap, lamp oil, and a COOL night light that you put the oil in the top and it heats the oil, SMELLS YUMMY! We rode through the town we were in and found a place to eat. Wonderful food at Time's!!!! We headed back to the campground. We had a great time!
   That night, we watched the Saints play and the Bristol race. We rode around and visited after. You can not ask for better people and friends than we have at the campground! I love our extended family!
   Sunday we got up and got dressed, then packed up to come home. We visited in the store for a bit, then went to tell Momma and Daddy we were leaving! They were ready to go to! It made for a long wkend but a great one!
   We got home and took us a long nap and played on the computers! I am headed to bed now! Have a great night!

Only 24 days till Fall!

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