2:03 pm


   It is my birthday eve!!!! I will be 37 tomorrow!! I polished my nail in two shades of pink with glitter tips!!! You can not really see it to good in these pics, but I just had to share!

   I will miss Big Brother 5 tonight! I wanted to see Adria's reaction to getting booted, but oh well. We are picking up Momma Linda at 7pm and then we are going to dinner. I can not wait to see her, she is so much fun. We always laugh so much our cheeks hurt! I was BLESSED with two of the most wonderful mother-in-laws!!!! God knew what he was doing! ~*giggle*~
   Well I guess I better get in the shower, I want to be done by 4pm. Oprah is going to be good today, I think it is a rerun, but I have not seen it if it is. She is going back in time (per say) 400 years! Living in the frontier days! Looks VERRA interesting! Have agreat rest of the day and wonderful dreamy night!

~*Feeling My Age Today!*~

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