I had a Lucy Moment today! I was on the phone with Momma and I was going to get up, well...the laptop in on a TV table in front of me, I always push it back with my feet. I started pushing and OVER IT WENT! I just new I had broke this new laptop!!! I screamed and Momma was screaming "what was that?" Thank goodness nothing was broken! Whew!
   I did not want to get up this morning for anything! It was 9:30 and I could have stayed in the bed all day! I got out of bed anyway and was VERRA groggy! My Lovie had made coffee thank goodness, I fumbled to get a cup and turned on the TV. It felt like a fall morning, I guess that is longing for fall a little!! ~*giggle*~ I took the pups out and it sure did not feel like fall, verra hot and humid! Yuck!
   It was a long day! I am still suffering with cronic heart burn. I thought maybe it was from the patch!?! Lovie looked up info on it and come to find out the heart burn, nausea, and upset stomach is from me quitting smoking! OMG! It is the toxins releasing from my body! I can not tell you how gross this makes me! I feel like poo!!! OBTW...my chest is still not better. I still get tightness and can not breath well, so it is back to the doctor for me!
   Watched BB5 tonight! Adrea is showing her true colors lately! What a ugly person! She used the veto on herself, because the house did not give Natalie a chance! Well wouldn't she have wanted to use it on Natalie to let the house get to know her better, NO the stingy thing used it on herself, KNOWING the house WILL still vote the other twin still on the block out!
   I am counting down the days till September 23, the first day of fall!!! I am SOOO ready! I am also counting on what the weather man said about 2 more weeks then the temps will start falling! Yahoo!

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