talismans of Luck

   The weather man said today 2 more weeks of this heat and the temps will start falling!!!! YAHOO!!!!! My Lovie and I went to a grocery store that is closing today. I can not believe they are closing, it was not but 3 years ago or so that they built the store!!!! Most of the sale stuff was frozen foods, none of the can stuff. All the health and beauty was packed up, bummer! We bought 69 items, the total would have been $206.22, but the end result was $51.92!!! What a bargin! Our freezer is chak a block full ! NO MORE ROOM!!!!!
   My Lovie bought my Bday gift a little early this year!! ~*giggle*~ Lookie at what he bought me! I Love it!

palmOne Zire31

   I have been playing with it to learn what all it does! It is a MP3 player also!!!! Gotta LOVE that! He also bought me some earphones to go with it. I have not set up the MP3 player yet, but I will SOON!!!! I have added all my dates, contacts, task, ect... Even put a shopping list on it!!! There is nothing better than being organized to me!
   I can not get my throat to clear today! Now I know what Momma has been saying about how aggravating that is! It is driving me nutty!!!
   Nothing really good on tonight, but the Olympics! But we stopped by Blockbuster and pick up three movies, so I guess it is movie night!
   Today make the 5 day I have not smoked!! Go ME! Go ME! I still have the urge to smoke, but I really do not miss it, I feel it is more habit for me than anything!
   Well, need to post to my Hidden Life Blog, but a hot soak in a bubble bath sounds really good right now, so I am headed that way!! Have a great night!

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