This JERK that stole our identity bought groceries and went to a SPA yesterday! ARGH! There are two more transactions we do not know what they did with those yet! But this SPA one is REALLY getting to me! I would LOVE to go to a spa, but can not use My Lovies hard earned money for those types of "extra's"! To think they went to a spa! I am so mad I could S#!T frisbees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   The movie I had mentioned Human Stain, I did not watch it with My Lovie, I went to bed, but he said it was good, but kinda strange.
   OMG! Tropical Storm Charley is going to turn into a hurricane later today! Thank goodness it is not coming this way, it is headed toward north Florida. I just pray it is not too bad for the area it is gonna hit! As for Bonnie will hit west Florida! They are getting it from both sides!!! I will be saying my prayers for them!

The latest pic of Bonnie

pic from NOAA

I guess we can call join in in song now: My Bonnie lies over the ocean...

   See Louisiana, see where the two blue lines cross each other? I am about 100 miles NorthWest form there!

   I am getting all the wash done today since EVERYTHING came to a stop yesterday! I think we are leaving for the campground tomorrow, not sure yet. I am ready to go, and get away from it all!!!
   Oh BB5, I LOVE IT!!! Jase just knew Drew was going to use the veto on him!!!! HAHAHAHAHA Jase! You thought like Andy!! Bye, you going home! I LOVE IT! Now you can go pout with your lil buddy Scott! boohoo!

Opinion please! Which hair color do you prefer?

Brunette or Blonde?
Please post answer (giggle with me below)

Have a giggly day!

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