Oh what a day! Our day started out with My Lovie checking our checking account and discovering there are some charges that we have not made on there!!! We are victims of identity theft! Someone hacked into something somewhere and got our account number and charged some stuff over seas!!! The bank can not tell us to whom this was charged to or where, they just new it was over seas!!! I can not tell you how sick we are! If you need info on identity theft go here
   I hope that all this will be straightened out soon, but it could take years to get it straight depending what all damage they did! What a mess! Just when you think things are goign well, you get your feet knocked from under you again! arghw!!!!!

May I introduce you to Tropical Storm Bonnie!

pic by NOAA

   Yes Bonnie is brewing down in the Gulf! She is about 50MPH and moving at 6MPH, which is not good! She could build strength!!! We do not want that! She is predicted not to hit us but you never know what a tropical storm or hurricane will do!! Please Bonnie go away!!!

   BB5 comes on tonight!! Yahoo! It has been getting goooooood! I am still hooked on the live feed!!! You just would not believe what you see and hear on there! gheez!! I can not wait to see Jase's face when he is put on the block tonight!!! hahahaha Bye Jase not nice knowing you!!!! What a jerk!

   My Lovie is cooking stuffed bell peppers, stuffed with boudin and shrimp! And yam patties!!! Yum!! I will have to have a snack later to take my meds, so not a big plate for me!!

Have a giggly night!

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