How about this weather! Great temps for us, but not great for Florida! Tropical Storm Bonnie hit land fall today and Hurricane Charley is still brewing! My thoughts and prayer are with everyone in these twos pathes!
   We haven't heard anything else yet about the ID theft JERK!!! Thank goodness they stop the card when they did!! If I could get my hands on the creep I would PUNCH him really hard! I pray they put this crep in jail!
   My Lovie had forgot that we had mobil to mobil ! So now we can save minutes during the day! We were using ALOT!!! The only thing is the calls drop too much! Errrrrrr!
   Oh TONIGHT is THE NIGHT!!! Jase is a gone peca! This is how I would tell him goodbye if I was in the houes (_Y_) LOL! I will be s&%ts and giggles to see him go, I do not hate him ( I hate NO ONE ) I just can not take him, he is EVIL! He lies, he jumps to conclusions, and is very mean to people! SO good riddence Jase, in you face! See ya! I will be back after the Vote off!!!! Have a great evening!

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