I am watching Big Brother 5 on the live feed, Holly and Jase must be the most shallow people! "HollyWood" wants to "SHOCK" the cowboy by kissing another girl! Acting like he has NEVER seen that before! They are assuming things about him!
   Then they were talking like why does he look like he does!?!?!? Jase said "Maybe he is stud from where he is from" "Maybe that is how good looking people look there!" WHAT! Have these people NEVER been anywhere in their lives! Are they THAT sheltered? OMG!
   Then this MARIVN cat! He NEEDS a soap on a rope to wash his mouth out 24/7! Every other word in MF!!!! Does it make you more manly Marvin? golly wolly!
   The things you see on the live feed! WOW! I love watching people, I do believe this show was created for me!!!! hahaha! Gotta love it! Can't wait for the next episode!!!! Saturday night @ 8pm!!!!
   I have been in front of this computer all day! I am in process of rebuilding the webpage I take care of for some friends of ours. We use this one host, but want to move to one that offers MORE MB. We only have 100mb with this one, and with all I have on there it is almost full! NEED MORE ELBOW ROOM! It will take me awhile to get everything rebuilt, we will not move host till January, so that gives me plenty of time!!!
   We are staying home this wkend! I know, I know! Do not faint! I am still sick, and My Lovie has a business meeting tomorrow till noon. So it is best we skip this one! It is so hot anyway, I really do not need to be in the heat right now!
   Brother-in-lawe called and asked if we wanted to get pizza later tonight, they have some shopping to do, so it will be LATER!!! I could go for pizza!

   Have a giggly Friday Night!

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