We went to a place last night that I have never been to! Past Times! The BEST pizza in town!!!! I had BBQ chicken pizza with onions and bacon! YUMMMY!!!!! I will be returning there when I am craving pizza!!
   Momma & Daddy's outside dog was attacked by another dog yesterday! "Pebbles" (their dog) is a rat terrier, very sweet and well behaved. She never leaves the yard and only barks when a strange vehicle comes down the drive. This was a mixed breed of germane shepherd and maybe wolf dog. Daddy heard her screaming and ran out, he could not make this big dog let go of her! He was hitting with everything he had to make it stop! The dog let go and Momma was calling for "Pebbles" to come on the porch, the dog got her again!!!! Daddy shot it with a BB gun to make it go away! Thank goodness the dog did not go after Daddy or Momma! I would have KILLED the dog myself if it had! Bad enough it hurt "Pebbles"!
   Daddy got "Pebbles" on a towel and rushed her to the vet. Momma called to let them know he was on the way with her. When Daddy tried to pick her up off the truck seat, she bit him, but Daddy didn't mind her knew it must have hurt when he tried picking her up. The doctor came out and helped him get her inside. They gave her some meds and started washing out the wound! Momma said that you could see the meat and bones it was soo bad! The cut is from under her belly around her back to the other side of her belly! Daddy had to leave her for the doctor to operate on her and keep her over night. I hope she makes it out of this! She will prolly be scared to be outside now! Poor thing!
   They called to police to make a report. The police went to the owners house and told her that she will have to pay all the hospital bills! It seems like she would have came over to apologize for what happened, but she has not yet!
   My Lovie is at his business meeting till noon. We are suppose to go to the movie tonight, really not sure. I am still sick with this summer cold/flu junk! Will it ever end....... awgh!

Have a great ...

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  1. Hi jeauxdi ... sorry to hear about your parents dog:o( i had a dog killed like that but we couldn't get the big dog off of him ... i cried like crazy ... hope their gets well ... hope you feel better too ..


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