5:35 pm

   I had some excitement today!!! Tink called and said she heard on the police scanner they were evacuating people on my road!!!!! I saw cars turning around and heading back the way they came!!!! I flagged one down and asked what was going on, a man had a lady held hostage!!!! It was up the street from me! But I did not have to evacuate, thank goodness! Tink and I keep listening to it on her scanner and heard that he got in his truck and was putting on his seat belt! I had heard the police cars that I could see leave FAST!!!! They got in in custody quickly, and I do not htink anyone was hurt! But I am sure it will not be on the news! Oh well!
   I am off to my bubble bath, My Lovie is not here yet. He had the owner riding with him today! He was a bundle of nerves! DO NOT FORGET Big Brother 5 tonight!!!!!

Have a giggly night!

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  1. hi jeauxdi ... glad to hear that you did not have to leave ... and glad no one was hurt ...


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