We had a great visit with Momma & Daddy! My Lovie cooked chicken and dumplings and took them to their house. Momma cooked fresh peas, okra smoothered (fried) in onions, and corn bread! YUMMMMMMY!
Momma and I looked at pictures from their trip and talked about what all they did. They had a great trip! I would love to plan a trip up there this fall.
Mikayla and Taylor were there visiting too! Mikayla is pulling up now! She is growing up too fast!
(go to her page to see pics of her! Click here Mikayla)

Momma & Daddy bought me some goodies!!!!

Notice the Flamongo's on the one visor!!!! Momma knows what I like!!! Thank you Momma & Daddy for these great goodies!

I feed Mikayla after her Momma and Daddy came in, I had food ALL OVER her lil face!!!!! Her Daddy said the magic word! "icecream" She was giggling and jumping in her chair! He had to go to his house to get her some icecream! She was soo funny eating it!
Well it is off to bed for me, my book and my puppie kids!!! Hope you had a great wkend!

Have a giggly night!

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