Momma & Daddy are home!!!!!! Yahooooooo! Momma called around 2pm to let us know they were home, My Lovie talked to her for a bit then gave me the phone! I was very excited to hear her voice! They had a great time! They went to the US Mint to watch money being printed! They were not allowed to take picture inside. She told me about most of their adventures, I can not wait to see their pictures and hear more!!!! I am so happy they had a great trip, but more happy to have them home!
We went to visit My Lovie's Mom and Pawpaw last night. We had planned on going to dinner then to Barnes and Nobles, but Pawpaw needed My Lovie to check on the kitchen sink, it was stopped up.
My Lovie tried to get it un clogged, but nothing was working! So we just went to dinner then the Home Depot to get a "snake" to un clog it.
We ate at Kings Buffet. When we were going in, Momma Linda said "oh that looks like your Momma!" This lady did look and smelled like my Momma! Made me ready to see Momma and Daddy even MORE!
The food was wonderful! They had everything Chinese you could think of...but "blonde me" missed the crab legs! ~bummer~ We ate till we were ready to pop! On the way out, the same lady and family were leaving also! I told the lady "you look like my Momma and making me miss her even more" She laughed and told me she hope I get to see her soon! I just had to smell her again, ohh my momma's smell, My Lovie even commented on how she "smelled like Momma"! I am going to visit them today!!!!!
We went to Home Depot to get the snake thingy, but they were closed! My Lovie is going this morning to get it and un clog Pawpaw sink for him. We thought about calling a plumber, but no telling how much they would want to charge Pawpaw being the wkend! So... My Lovie said he can do it!
Well...I am going to get things done around here, it is Sunday so normally I do not do much...

Have a giggly rest of your wkend!

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