I added some really neat things to my page!!! When you click ~*enter*~ on my start page it fades to the next page!!! Pretty cool huh?! On my page I added a "post it" that has up dates and info on it, really neat-o!
And this

I can not get over the gas prices! My Lovie spends anywhere form $100 to $200 a week on gas! I can not imagine how much we would spend if we both worked! WOW! money, money moooon-ey!

My "Belle" is laying next to my chair on her back biting the heck out of her toy, too funny! "Lexi" has no worries, as always, she is lounging around on her Daddy! And "Elizah" in in his own lil world like normal!

I am about sick of this rain! Will it ever end?! We watched a special on hurricane season, it is here!! OMG! We could have 2 - 4 major hurricanes hit land this year! I really hope they are wrong! I do not like the stress the hurricanes bring with them!

Ok it is off to my weight loss blog, then to change the wash over and off to me for me!
Have a giggly rest of your night!


  1. hi jeauxdi ... yes the gas is high ... but i thought it was sopose to go lower ... and all this is crazy...

  2. I love the post it!! Gas prices are outrageous that's for sure. We just got through about 6 months of rain. We are paying for it now. . the mosquitos are everywhere. I can't imagine what hurricanes must be like though! I hope they are wrong about the amount as well. The Simple Life Night. . . YAY!!!! Have a great Wednesday *hugs*


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