I got tattled on today! HaHaHa!
I still feel like I have a million things to do before we leave tomorrow afternoon!!! But really all I have to do is pack! Packing seems to take a tole on me...I get very frustrated, and confused! I do not know why this happens! I have been packing to go camping for almost 11 yrs now...it is not that hard to throw some clothes and necessitates together for a wkend! arrrrrr!
Simple Life 2 was GREAT! I was behind Nicole 100% with the creepy James! What a jerk! There is nothing more that drives me nuts than a BULLY! I do not know why some people have to be bullies to people...I guess it is there way of dealing with their own insecurities!
And the "fun" they had making the boudin!!! How funny was that!?!?!?! Can you imagine going down the street and Paris or Nicole stopping you to buy boudin from them!!!????
Oh I can not wait till next weeks episode! They will be in Louisiana!!!!!!! I just wonder how many people will be watching, hearing the good ole cajun accents and wonder what the heck they are saying!?!?!? I know when we moved to Georgia, people would ask us ALL the time to repeat ourselves because they could not understand us, our accents are not that bad!!!!
Well it is off to bed, with my book and puppy kids!
Have a giggly night!

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  1. hi jeauxdi ... i will have to see that simple life next week ... i love louisana ... what time does it come on ?? wed night right? ... hope your packing is done ... i have visited louisana before and i really enjoyed my visit ... and i love the accent!!!!!!


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