We are going to the campground today for the 4th of July wkend... Lots of activities are planed! Momma wants to BBQ, which sounds great to me. I can go for good BBQ!!!!
   I was tattled on yesterday to my parents about a post I put in MY blog! I am 36 yrs old! This webpage and blog belongs to ME, NO ONE ELSE! This is where I write MY thoughts, opinions, rants, memories ect...!
   This is America, we have freedom of speech! If someone thinks I am "talking" about them, they need to come to me! I NEVER wrote that anyone offended my parents! I stated that someones offensive comments in front of my parents is uncalled for! It offends and embarrasses ME! I DO NOT speak for other people! I SPEAK FOR MYSELF!

Time to walk on the treadmill! Have giggly day and have a safe & fun 4th of July wkend!

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  1. I'm with you on that Jeauxdi ... hope you have a great time camping and Happy 4th of July to you .... and have a great week-end :o) ROSIE


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