It's funny how you ask someone to stop sending you the aggravating Urban Legend e-mails and this is what you get back:

You know sometimes your know it all snottiness can hurt. I've never hurt you and if I did I never meant to. You however are getting almost as good as &@# at it. In spite of what or how you feel about me, I still Love you and consider you my friend. Yes! I've noticed that you don't send me email anymore or acknowledge me at the campground but I've tried to Love you in spite of it. But its you Jeauxdi not me. O.K. Jeauxdi your the winner, you hurt me, not &@#,(because he does not care) but me the one who does. Your friend, always %*)#^*@

The person this was received from, has NO CLUE! I did not mean anything ugly by asking them to quick e-mailing me those types of things, but has ALOT of NERVE pointing a finger and calling me SNOTTY!
This person runs like hot and cold water! During the week they wanted to be all nice and call you to come for dinner, and USE you for computer help! (and by saying used, this is what I got : the phone rings, I say "hello", on the other end, "how do you do..." Not a HELLO, How are you doing, nothing.....) And once it was time for the wkend, it was nose in air! Acting like they do not want anyone to see them talking to you! I was sick of being treated like this and I REFUSE to be treated that way! I am not a two faced person, but I HAVE to be in this case, this person can like it or not, but that is how it is going to be!
This person and their spouse are the snotty ones! They both NEED to sit back and remember where they came from! It could ALL slip away! My Lovie and I thought we had it all and guess what, thanks to "a friend" (and that "friend" knows who they are) we had REALLY hard times, and are still recovering from this "friends actions"! It can all be RIPPED from you!
But I will not let this person back into my life, it causes too much pain, and hurt. This person's spouse is the most aggressive person I have ever meet! I will not be abused by this person's spouse anymore! The verbal abuse was getting way out of HAND, and to say the &@# does not care, it is more like he has NO respect for ANYONE! (DO NOT make excuses for this person!) The cursing in front of my parents is uncalled for! The sexual comments in front of anybody, is UNCALLED FOR! The vulgar things &@# says is uncalled for! The thing they said in front of my parents on my birthday while blowing out my candles was typical of them, but VERY UNCALLED FOR!!! I choose to separate myself from this abuse!
I have tried to be friends with this person that writes to me, but I honestly do not think they know how to a true friend! Running hot and cold, is not what you do with a true friend! Allowing their spouse to treat people the way they do, not very freindly! Completly ignoring you when there is a group around, not a true friend! Not waving when you pass them, not a true friend! So I give up! I refuse to be treated like this from the both of them!
You said I win, YES I DO! By not being abused anymore!

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