I watched Living Dolls: The Making of a Child Beauty Queen: America Undercover on HBO. What is this, a child circus! This was not what I was expecting! I always thought these pageant were cutesy little girls competing. I did not realize what all these little girls go through! The hair, the makeup, the FALSE TEETH, false eye lashes, hair extensions, fake tans ect... This is such an outrage! Some of the little girls seemed like they did enjoy themselves, but you could tell they would do anything possible could to keep "Mommy" and the coaches happy!
One little girl was so sleepy, she was falling asleep while getting her hair done, they SCREAMED at her "Wake up girl!", and pulled her head by the hair! OMG! This child was no older than three! How could ANY mother sit back and let a FLAMING hair dresser do this to their child!?!?!? I wanted to jump through the screen and yank him by his OVER highlighted hair! What a joke!
I would love to see these little girl compete without all the fuss and see where they stand then! I feel sorry for them, they are growing up being taught that your looks are everything! Shame on these parents!
If you want to put them in pageants, put them in natural beauty pageants, do not expose your child to the world as a sex symbol! There are enough sick people in this world just waiting to see or get there hands on children! Keep your children safe! Do not EXPOSE them to so much before their time!

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