Oh my long lost blog…How do I love you, let me count the…Uhm days I have neglected you!

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    OMGoodness! I haven’t shown my bloggy any love since MAY! I’m such a neglecter! <sobbing> I need to make up for lost time with my bloggy! So here goes…We are still settling into the new house, loving ever minute of it! I don’t think the decorating will ever end ~giggle I’m always finding new, great things for the house!  Sad to say Lovie and I are not liking our sofa and chair too much! So in two years or so…We WILL buy a new set! OY!!!! Everything else is grand!
    Summer was LONG, hot and I was miserable! I still have the mystery “burning mouth”! It’s not as intense as it was when we move in in January, but it’s still there! I’m also dealing with my ankle from the broken toe! BLAH ANNNNND…My tonsils! I need an over haul!!! HAHAHA! I turned 45 on Sept the 3rd and I feel like everything need a tune up!
    I found out that I am going through menopause. So that explains the HOT FLASHES every night at 11PM on the dot! Hmmm...It was very sad for my doctor to tell me yes it is menopause and no you can no longer get pregnant. We knew Lovie couldn’t have children, but I could…So this was the final answer, done deal, baby factory closed! I cried, called Lovie broke the news to him and when he came home we held one another and cried together. But God has a plan for us…And we accept that.

    Belle went into heat (her and Lexi do at the same time), she was just not herself at all! She was laying around, not playing, normally nothing slows her down! Her tummy started getting swollen. Lovie took her to the Vet, her cervix had closed and everything was backing up. She was building up infection! She had to have an emergency hysterectomy! She snuggled next to me for about a week and a half!
    When she would go out to potty, she was wobbly and confused. I was massaging her and found a bobo on her front left leg. Lovie and I looked at it closer and it was LARGE and swollen!!! it look horrible! Lovie thought it was where they had put the IV in, he called the Vet and they told him they had it in the right arm, to bring her in the next morning. He left early with her and they discovered it was either a spider or ant bit! She had been chewing on it…MORE meds for my baby! She is feel back to herself now thank goodness!
IMG_9586   IMG_9635
     The night before her surgery!    They had to shave her leg for the IV.
IMG_9633  IMG_9634
               Her incision.                     She was still a lil woozy, 
                                                         but I was so happy to have her in my arms!
IMG_9638  IMG_9649
                                           Sleepy baby!            ~giggle a LIL doped up with her tongue hanging out!!

    We were going to have a party/get together for my 45th Birthday on Labor Day weekend…WELL, we had a visitor, Isaac blew in here and popped a squat! Normally hurricanes blew in and blew on through, but Mr Isaac pack his luggage, packed up Isaac jr. and the family and brought along some friends! SOMEONE informed him WRONG about hurricane parties in Louisiana! OY! We didn’t think he would ever get to steppin! He can on land and went BACK OUT into the Gulf! Came back on to land moved up and stalled! UGH! Lovie and I’s area we without power for right at 43 hours. Down where our river camp is, flooded, we didn’t get water in the camp (Thank goodness), there are some that are still without power. Some of the lower parishes lost everything, that just breaks my heat. So we didn’t have a 45th for me...We celebrated on my birthday with my parents, we went to lunch and then shopping! SHOPPING, y’all know I love shopping!! HA!
    Lovie surprised me with several gifts the week before my Bday and the BIG gift was a MAC! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I had this on my Christmas list!!! I was SOOOO excited! I counted believe he pulled off a surprise on me, he normally can’t hold it in!! ~giggle So I am in learning mode…I AM A MAC! hehe
IMG_0086     IMG_0085

    I got a sewing machine months ago, oh my gosh I have been having SO much fun teaching myself to sew!!!! I have made so many things! Every time we go out I HAVE to stop at Hobby Lobby or if I’m in Wal Mart I just HAVE to go look at the fabric (look is CODE for buy hehe) I have so many projects going on!!! LOVING IT! Sewin it up!!
    Yesterday Lovie was fixing him some muchin' food to watch the Saints game, he turned and threw his back out! OUCH!!! Poor thing can’t hardly move!! I feel for him! I have been putting the Salonpas Patches on his back, they are helping.
    Last night Belle and Lexi got into a TUSSLE! I heard their teeth clank together! Lovie separated them and made them got lay on their beds. After they got up Belle can running to me crying and liking her foot! I grabbed her up, I didn’t see blood, figured Lexi must have bite down hard on her pad, so I rubbed it. I was at my sewing table, saw Belle go in the kitchen to their room, she can running out SCREAMING! I grabbed her up again, she was opening and closing her mouth, but couldn’t open her mouth very much!  Lovie took her and said he could see where Lexi made a mark with her tooth on Belle’s gums…So he took her to the bathroom to put some medicine on it. He was back there for what seemed like forever! He came back out with her and told me her tooth was turned upside down! OMG ~ WHAT He had to wiggle it and get it turned back straight! I looked at it and realized she the tooth next to that was was GONE!!!! She got a tooth knocked out!!! Lovie found the tooth in front of the sofa!!!! Belle also has tooth marks on her nose!! We were not happy with Lexi last night…I wish I knew why they tussle like that.
Belle’s nose
Her knocked out tooth! I know it looks like more that one, but it’s not, she had a gap between them.
    Lovie and the girls went to bed, I stayed up working on projects, I have an small no arm office chair…I needed something out of my storage cabinet, was gonna wheel myself over there (Like I always do)…well the sap sucka didn’t wheel, it went flying from underneath me! I bounced off the floor on one butt cheek! (I was think OMGawd thank GOD it not my head!!!) My bootie hurts today! WHOA!!!!!     Now…NO ONE ELSE is allowed to hurt anything else around here! “Capeesh?”

My Furry Girls!
Hope everyone has been enjoying summer and had a smooth transition to going back to school! COME ON FALL!


  1. Very entertaining! Great blog Jodi! Hope you write more.

  2. Thank you Lovie ~muah~

    Thank you Stephanie! I LOVE my blog, but been having a tendency of ignoring it over the past two years =0(
    It's a goal of mine to write more! =0)


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