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    We leave for Disney this Saturday! EKKKKK! I have some projects I need to finish and pack out luggage! Our costumes for the Halloween Party are ready! The weather is suppose to be wonderful…Oh I can’t wait for the magic!
   Lovie woke Friday morning with his face VERY swollen! He went to our family doctor, they were going to try to work him in…UGH The nurse asked his some questions and suggested he go to our dentist. The dentist did x-rays, poked around on his teeth and discovered his wisdom teeth need to come out! They are (like most peoples) laying on their side pushing forward…OUCH! She said he must have eaten something that cut the gum above one and it had gotten infected. He told her taken them out! She giggled and told him you need a surgeon to take these babies out! He meet with the surgeon, she loaded him up on antibiotics and steroids to rid him of the infection and swelling! Then after our vacation he will have them out. His face is returning to normal…
    I need to get back to my projects so I can finish them and get to packing! Have a great day!

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  1. I Love your beautiful blog! You creativity forever amazes me!


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