Tuesday…HOW, WHEN? Who let the weekend pass me by?!?!

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    Good morning! I’m sipping my coffee, in my chair watching my morning shows in our new home! Ahhhh…(don’t look around me at all the boxes and the fantasy will stay alive HA) YEAHHHH...Still have boxes to un pack, but in due time they will dissipate and everything will be in it’s new place! It’s fun getting everything set up in a new home, it’s a fresh start!
    Our first night to sleep here was Friday night, besides being completely worn out, we sleep so good and were so comfortable! The second night I took a nice long bubble bath in the big jacuzzi tub with some Lush bubble bar! OMGoodie was it relaxing, which helped me sleep even better that night!  Needless to say we are enjoying our new home very much!  Let’s have some blog fun!

Feeling a lil boxed in...

Have a lovely Tuesday…

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