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    Lovie picked the house keys up today! WOOT! This after noon we took over (“most”) of our closet clothes...Holy Macaroni! I didn’t realize how many clothes “I” have!  I was sweatin’ like crazy by the time I finished hanging just MINE! Lovie did his! WHEW!

to view more video’s from today click here ---> youtube_hdpi to go!

   In the morning we are going to load the rental truck with all the packed boxes and take them over...I’m going to start unpacking those while Lovie runs some errands. I can’t wait to start putting things where they belong! I already know where I want some things! hehehe Can not WAIT to get our furniture in!

our pretty front door!

looking from the livingroom to the dining

sliding pocket door to the master bath
MY closet! Lovie’s is the same just no shelves...

Breakfast nook, dining and entry way lights…LOVE!

   Hope you’re enjoying our adventure to our new home with me, don’t forget to leave a comment...Click on giggly Comments to post yours! Have a wonderful night~


  1. It's a start!! I believe after tomorrow, we will have a substantial amount completed! I Love You!

  2. It's a great start! I'm so ready to have the boxes there and start unpacking them! I LOVE YOU!


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