It’s What day? WEDNESDAY!?! Alread-DAY!

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    200903-lgrazy mood huh?!?! Yeah I know! But it is what it is...I am as happy as happy could be with lightening striking in my mouth every few seconds! I have Burning Mouth Syndrome also known as Cheilitis.  It is VERY painful! My tongue, teeth, inside of my mouth, my lips, my nose and eye’s all BURN and tingle. There is nothing the DR’s can do but make me comfortable. UGH! This is caused (like the article I linked) by my meds and mainly nerves. I HAVE to calm myself so this will calm and go away. Cheilitis is in every adult, it is dormant most of your life, kinda like shingles...And OF COURSE I have to get it! UGH!
    A.gif-1_thumblso my ankle has been bothering my, no bruising or swelling, it just hurts really bad when I move it, walk on it, touch it, ect...When it moves it “pops”. It sounds awful! Now my “middle toe has a ring around it that is purple colored, hurts to the touch and is swollen. I have an appointment for this on 3/29!! I am on the cancellation list and calling everyday to see if anyone canceled. Could anything else hap…Yeah NOW my finger I “scraped” on a cabinet opening (SMALL scrap) is puffy and red! UGH My body’s over worked! LOL (I have to laugh)
    52947_letter_w_lge are settling into our new home with each day. There are still boxes to unpack, I haven’t been the best wife with unpacking and nesting this new home with the Cheilitis and my ankle/foot issues...The new furniture will be delivered this afternoon! YAY! I can’t wait to snuggle with my Lovie on our new sofa! Great night for TV tonight! WOOT~ Ok now for some fast Blog Fun then get ready for the furniture! Have a great rest of your Wednesday!



Lovie’s 2nd catch from the lake in our backyard.

click each pic to go to the source...Happy Pinning!



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