RIP…To the King of Pop

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    I have been glued to the TV watching the memorial for Michael Jackson since 11AM. His friends are doing a wonderful job paying tribute to him with singing his songs, reading letters from one’s that couldn’t be there, ect...I just don’t get how when someone passes you forget the BAD things that happened in their life, they talk as thou the father was father of the year! UGH...
    When you mention the death of Michael, everyone wants to point out the BAD things...If we were not there to witness with our own eye’s what happened, who are we to say what happened. We do not have to answer for Michael. God will judge him, that’s not our job. He was in the public eye, EVERYTHING he did was aired out for everyone to see. We the lil people are lucky we get to keep our skeletons in our closets. RIP Michael...


We lost and true angel...RIP Farrah
you’re a true angel now with now more pain.

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