It’s is SUMMER TIME! ~*WooT*~

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    It is NOW summer time for Lovie & I...Big Brother started last night! YAY! We stayed up to watch it on Showtime after dark...But didn’t make all of it! HEHE We turn the TV off at 1:30 AM, it still had 30 mins left, oh well. We’ll miss it tonight with going to the camp OMGosh! 
    Our 4th of July party at the camp was so much fun! TnT stay all weekend with us. Most of their family came out and a friend that my BFF & I went to school with and his wife came out. We cooked, laughed and drank! Oh what a great time we had! Couldn't have ask for anything more!
    Yesterday I went to pick up ANOTHER pair of trial contacts! UGH...Then to tan, then to Wally World. I got out and headed to the door of Wally’s and I promise you I was not over come by the heat, but I saw a PIRATE coming out the doors! He had black pants, a button up shirt, red bandana on his head, a BLACK EYE patch (yeah you read that right!) and a black cowboy hat he shaped to look like a pirates hat! OMGolly! I wanted to take a picture SOOO bad, but there was no time to reach for my phone!
    He kinda wigged me out, so I walk away from him a lil, he walked towards me! Ekkkk! VERRA strange! The store was FULL of creepy strange men! Scary! LOL
    Well I guess I better get off my fannie and get out over night bag packed for the camp...Hope everyone has a fab weekend...Stay cool!

Peace & Love

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