I fell out my SUV…GAWD!

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    Last Friday Lovie and I went to get his hair cut and to tan...Well, I went to get out of our SUV, I put one foot on the running board the other on the ground and before I knew it down I was going! There was some gravel on the ground and my sandals were kinda slick! And to make matters WORSE I had a cute lil sundress on with LEOPARD print panties! UGH!

    I wasn’t hurt (I thought!) I got up I believe FASTER than I went down! HA I noticed Lovie was not in the drivers seat...I looked around and he was behind me holding his chest and saying “Are you ok?” Of course I said yes, we checked for blood, none...Then headed into the salon. I felt something wet on my bag! I broke my bottle of Burberry Weekend perfume! BUM-ER! But we both were just glad I was not hurt. My Lovie wanted to go and buy me another bottle of perfume...My sweet Lovie is always coming to my rescue!

    Around Sunday afternoon the bruises started showing up and the pain started setting in to my back! Ouchie mamma! Not good for a collapsed disc to land on concrete flat of you boohind! I’ve been wearing my back brace and taking it easy this week. I hope this passes soon! Just another Lucy moment to add to my memoir’s...hehe

Have a great night...And watch your step! =0)


  1. oh so sorry you fell...I've done those things too....at least you smelled really good after....and you have one great guy in lovie....

  2. I'm sooooo glad you are okay after the mishap! We ended up having fun that weekend anyway! Love Ya!


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