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    Yesterday I FINALLY got the energy to get out of the house all by myself! YAY ME! I went to tan, grabbed a smoothie for lunch then headed to Target to pick up some meds. Well I found a few things I just couldn’t pass up! HEHE
    I got the girls the cutest lil Easter dresses, Lovie a pair of flip flops, me two pair of flip flops, two summer dresses, a new water glass and a few other lil goodies! I was beat when I got home! I let the girls out to potty and I found a good left for me! Check out my Flip!

I so LOVE the design I picked out! I’m gonna have fun with this! =0)

    Lovie came home, we were watching TV, I fell asleep in my chair around 5:30 PM and woke at 8 PM! I had a hard time waking myself up! UGH...
    I went to tan again today and yes smoothie for lunch! I went to Sally’s to pick up some new nail polish! I have been seeing yellow on a lot of people and it looks great! SO I wanted the color...Ended up with these!

You can’t really tell the colors in the pic, but they are BEAUTIFUL springy colors!

    I have an appointment with my stylist in the morning! I am excited! I don’t want ANY length cut off, but it does need a lil trim and shaping up. After instead of tanning, I am gonna get a mystic tan! I have done it once before we went to Biloxi and I loved the way it looked! It’s kinda feels like you are in a car painting booth ~*giggle*~ But it’s a fast way to tan! WOOT! WOOT!

Have a giggly night & sweet dreams!

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  1. I am glad you were able to get out and do some retail therapy. I love your new colours!!


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