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    I have been packing like a mad woman! All I have left to do is our toiletries! YAY ME! I am SOOOOO ready to go. I have reopened our main suitcase to add some jeans for me! This weather is crazy! I have checked the weather for Mexico on and it looks like great temps, but cool at night. So I for sure packed hoodies and a sweater! So I think we are all set! Now just have to wait for Saturday to get here! ~*giggle*~
    I am kinda glad we will be out of the country for the election but kinda scared too. Two arrested already for talking about murdering Obama...Oh wow! Just what are we gonna come back to..Just something to ponder...
    Lovie went to Wally World today to pick up a few last minute things (which I am SURE there will be even more we will need before it is all over and done with) and guess what FLEW into his buggy? Can you believe it?   The Tinkerbell movie flew right into his buggy! It wanted to come home with him to me so bad! I was so surprised! I am a HUGE Tink fan! Such a fan I have her tattooed on my right leg! I haven't watched it yet, but on my list of things to do tomorrow! HEHEHE!
    My fur babies have to go for their yearly shot this week! I hope "Lexi" doesn't cry this time =0(  After we'll go by my parents to visit and give them our ER contact info.
    Lovie and I have been sneezy! UGH sinus! YUCKIE time of year...Itchy eye's, drippy throat, (that is RAW OUCHIE POOH) head hurts to move it! The weather change always does this to us! So I will be bring extra sinus meds with us on the cruise to keep them under control!
     I am still fighting the sleepies everyday! I can tell ya what time it is without  looking at a clock...It hits me at 2 PM everyday! I fight it as hard as I can and some days I don't win...I find myself waking up and looking at the clock and it will be 4 or 5 PM! Then around 8 PM I am sleepy again! I HAVE to go for the sleep study ASAP after the cruise!
    My Daddy checked my sugar the other day and it was 85...So that could be part of the drowsy's too! UGH The madness has to stop...I am starting to not like sleep! And that is not a good thing! I go from NOT sleeping to sleeping ALL THE TIME! What gives?!?
    Ok gonna close for now, hope you had a great day and a even better night with sweet dreams! Goodnight...

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  1. Have a great trip, and I wish you lots of sun and fun!!



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