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I've been TAGGED!

Susan over at Life in a House of Blue tagged me, so jumped over to her place and give her bloggy a good read! She has alot of fun going on with those four...Uhm...I mean three boys and hubby of hers. ~*giggle*~

Here's the RULES:

Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules in your post.
Share 7 random/weird facts about yourself.
Tag 7 random people at the end of your blog and link to their blogs.
Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment in their blog. random facts about me.

  1. I LOVE Disney.

  2. I have a tattoo on Tinkerbell on my right calf.

  3. I have lived in four states.

  4. I married Prince Charming!

  5. I am addicted to shoes and handbags.

  6. I don't drink milk! Not since the bottle.


Now onto the seven folks I am tagging...

1. Kellen @ On the Upside
2. K @ The Pink Owl
3. Belle @ Life of a Southern Belle
4. LyndsAU @ All Things Fluffy
5. Kimba @ A Soft Place to Land
6. Amy @ Permission to Peruse
7. Erika @ Chic Shopper Chick

Have a giggly day!


  1. Awww.. Thanks for the nice shout out !

  2. I have a thing for handbags also LOL. Geaux Tigers !!!

  3. Bleed purple and gold - HA!

    Thanks for the tag. Have a good evening - Kellan

  4. That's so cute! I'm a big Disney/Tinkerbell fan too! Cinderella has always been my favorite, though, because I also feel like my husband is my Prince Charming. :)

  5. That first picture and the sentiment made me laugh out loud! Very funny.


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