Happy Halloween!

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Hope you and yours have had a Happy Halloween! Lovie and I haven't done too much of anything but pack! And work on Lovie's Blog! I am so proud of him for starting his own! Hop over and give his a look and leave him some nice comments...Thanx!

Wanna Geaux Where We're Geauxing?

We didn't have any trick-or-treater's...As normal, on our road the crazy fast drivers don't give anyone a chance to stop to trick-or-treat! So we are use to none.
Well it is time for our second cruise of the year! It hasn't hit me yet that we are going! Lovie is loading the luggage right now and I don't have the first butterfly! I guess it will hit tomorrow? I am excited, don't get me wrong! Just not that giddy feeling yet...Bummer, I want that feeling to start!

In the spirit of Halloween...Since we "skipped" it! Here is a Polyvore I did...

Halloween by Jeauxdi

I better say my goodbyes and close for now...We have to drop our fur babies at the B&B at 9 AM and our BFF's will be here after that to leave for New Orleans! I will be posting a lil update here and there while gone! Don't let nay late night Halloween spooks creep up on you tonight! Hope I can sleep...Goodnight!

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