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     We started out our weekend with meeting part of the family at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for dinner. We all talked about the cruise coming up..20 days to go!! YAHOOOO...gettin' excited! Also discussed my great nephew! My niece said he is moving a lot now!!! COME ONE AUGUST 5!!!! Lots to look forward to!
     Lovie and I sleep in Saturday. That afternoon we had his cousin's wedding to attend. We lounged around most of the day and played XBox.
     We got dressed and headed for the wedding. It was at a plantation home, the setting could not be more perfect! The gardens were so colorful and fresh! The trees were so bright green, it was the most perfect day for a wedding!
     Everything was breath taking...When she walked down the aisle ( what would have been the driveway ) with her Dad...Oh My...She took our breath away. She was glowing!
     After the vows were said, they kissed and then they were pronounced man and wife, we all followed them through the plantation, out to the kitchen to be served a cup of crawfish corn pumpkin curry bisque. Oh my it was heavenly! We were lead to the water garden area to have cocktails and hordouvers.
     After we have a few drinks and hordouvers it was time to have dinner and announce the happy couple. The food was fabulous! More drinks of course...And dancing after dinner. Then WEDDING CAKE! YUMMY! I had to have a slice of both! hehe!
     Then it was time to wish the couple goodbye...We all lined up with giant sparklers. They ran through and we all wished then goodbye! They loved it so much they had to go again! They are just too cute! I know they will have a long happy marriage...
     Today we have had another lounging day...hehe We have had another cool front come through and being out in it last night ( not for long either! ) has made me have a sore throat today! Hope I feel better in the morning to go tan!

     Here is a couple pictures from the wedding...You know the deal the rest are on MySpace and you have to be my friend to see then!   Have a giggly night!



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