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I was blessed with two mother-in-laws...Not alot of girls can say that, but I am LUCKY! I received gifts from them both after my birthday wkend since I was out of town and Lovies Mom lives in Atlanta she mailed my gift. Look what they gave me!!!!

Momma Linda ALWAYS gives me a Snowbabies for Christmas and here lately my B-day!!!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one with Piglet!!! TOO CUTE!!!!!

Lovies Step Mom, dad and lil brother gave me a Jim Shore Halloween Tink!

Isn't she cute?!?!?!

Lovie's grandmother is in the hospital, she had a spot over her pacemaker that got irritated from her bra strap and now it is infected and you can see her pacemaker through the skin and there is a hole! So she will be in the hospital on meds to get rid of the infection and then they will replace her pace maker. We will find more out tomorrow...Please keep her in your prayers.

Well gotta run...We are off to drop the lamps off to Lovies other grandmothers and then to my sisters for a bar-b-que. Hope you have a giggly day!

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