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I took Momma to the doctor Tuesday, everything looked great! They removed her cast and took ex-rays and put another soft cast on (the back is hard, but the front is soft). I took pics but choose not to put them on here, I know I put some on her tow but that will be all I put unless she get a hard colored cast.
Her incision is larger than I expected, but it looked good. Her ankle was a little swollen but the doctor said that was normal and it all looked great! I got to help cast her leg!! I was so proud!
Lovie meet me at Daddy & Momma for dinner that night, then we came home. I notice he had been at the house, I asked him if he had been home...He giggled and said "yes, I bought you a prized today, but you have to find it"! I went to searching! THIS is what I found!!!!!

a 32 inch flat panel HDTV! I was SOOOO excited!!!! I have been wanting one of these!!! I have been such a good girl...

Well I am going to run, Lovie is cooking us a rack of ribs - yummy - and then it will be TV time!!! Hope you and yours have a giggly night!

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