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   Things are getting back to normal around here, but Christmas is not too far away! We did some of our shopping in Disney.
   We started out at Animal Kingdom. It was nice out, I worn jeans and a long sleeve shirt. It rained a little, but not enough to make ya wet! Everything was decorated for Chrismtas, with lights everywhere!!
   We did everything in the park, did some things that we missed last time. We rode Dinosaur this time and did not like it at all. I twas TOO rough! It jerked way too hard!
   We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. I twas good but we were really not hungry. Lovie ordered Pastalaya, it was TOO HOT! Red pepper hot not good cajun hot! I do not advise anyone to order it.
   Our second day we spent at DownTown Disney. We did alot of shopping! We also went to the mall, and Lovie bought me a Dooney & Bourke!!!
   The Magic Kingdom was GREAT as always. We caught the opening of the park for the day! It was sooo neat, all the characters came our with the mayor. They sang and danced and then opened the gates!
   We started out with the Space Mountain, and worked our way around the park. It was not crowded too bad. The only ride we needed a fast pass for was Peter Pans Flight. All the rest only had a 5 to 10 minute wait.
   We had dinner at the Prime Time 50's Grill. It was GREAT! The food was good home cooking! We had fried chicken, greens, mashed taters...YUMMY!
   MGM was draped in millions of lights! It was beautiful ! The lights were to dance to the music and it was suppose to snow, but the drizzling rain keep it from happening! We had a blast though!
   We did Epcot in two days...It has SOO much to see and do, it takes two days! We did the front of the park first, Soarin was unbelievable! I was a little scared at first, we ended up riding it three time! I LOVED IT!
   We went to get on Spaceship Earth, but it was having a bit of a problem! They were running the test ride and when the train got to the top the doors would come open! The cast member that was at the gate told us, they were not sure what was going on. He said there were rumors that Mission Space is haunted!!!! The cast members said they could see people in the dark! SPOOKY!
   We went to Universal's Islands of Adventure...We did that whole park in three hours! Almost all of the ride were not open till later that afternoon. Their motion rides were way too rough!
   We went back to the Magic Kingdom, we had reservations for dinner at The Liberty Tree Tavern with Minnie. We got there early and they could not take us early, so...We ended up eating fish and chips, it was good.
   It was time to do the rest of Epcot and we had lunch reservations at The Garden Grill. Everything we ate but the turkey was grown and raised in Epcot! Mickey, Pluto and Chip & Dale came to visit our table. The food was out of this world! We had biscuits with orange blossom honey butter! OH MY GOODNESS that butter was good!
   The World Showcase had everything decorated and had a Santa or story teller for each county! It was so neat to see watch each country does to celebrate Christmas! I took a picture with the Canada Santa!
   And once again we HAD to go back to the Magic Kingdom! The Christmas Day parade was being filmed...We got to see Regis & Kelli and Andrea Boccelli. He was great! It was funny how they film with out any music, then redo it with the music! We should be on TV watch Andrea Boccelli sing!! Fourth row back! LOOK FOR US Christmas morning on ABC, I had my Minnie Mouse visor on and Lovie had a brown ball cap on!
   All the parks had the best parades for Christmas! We got to see every character in all the parades!!! We took some really great pics!
   We went to Universal Studios our last full day there. The motion rides were fun, but once again ROUGH! Too jerky! Their park was decorated too. But no parade, theirs was not till Dec. 8. We both have said did Universal once, will not do it again!
   We had already started making our November/December 2007 plans!!!! I am SOOOOOOO ready to go back! I hated leaving!
   I will be posting pics on our Vaca page sometime next week or so. I have a lot to do, we are in process of moving the Hidden Oaks Family Campground page over to Geaux Webs, so bare with me! Pics coming SOON!
   Well need to get things doen around here, we have a Christmasy wkend ahead of us, LOTS to do everywhere! have a giggly day!

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  1. Hi Jeauxdi! I love your site! Thanks for your Christmas card too! Sounds like a wonderful vacation you had, can't blame you for wanting to get back asap! Hope you have a lovely day! Would it be ok with you if I add you to my reads? Hugs!


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