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OH...Oh...OH...It is MONDAY, we leave FRIDAY morning at 2am!!!!!! Lovie wants to be there and settled before the game comes on...I am guessing he will not be doing the allotted travel speed according to MapQuest! The games comes on at 1 pm! I will not look, me and the girls will be in the back watching movies!
Today I will be getting all our clothes out and ironed. I will prolly start putting them in the suitcases this afternoon. I will clean the house and start getting the other items like bath stuff and what not together. I will bring a jacket, but I really don't think we'll need one for during the day seeing how the temps for next two weeks after Thanksgiving will be highs around 77 - 79!!! But lows in the 40's at night, so I will need one for nights!
My Daddy & Momma left this morning for North Carolina. Poor Taylor only gets Thursday and Friday out of school...They get snow days through out winter, so not too many for Thanksgiving! But they have made some sight seeing plans to do over the weekend!
Poor Lovie's Momma is not getting to come home for Thanksgiving! She broke her foot in October and had surgery to place a plate in it, a little over a week ago now. She has a walking cast, but she is not allowed to walk on it too much right now.
We are not going to know what to do on Thanksgiving day, only having to two places to eat! We are planning on going to Lovies grandparents that morning, and then to his Dad's that afternoon.
Saturday and Sunday we decorated outside. It was cold, especially with the wind, but the mosquitos were HORRIBLE!!!! But look how pretty it all turned out!!!

Click to pics to see larger!

We went to dinner Saturday night at Druscilla's Seafood. The food was great, but the lady that served us was slow and scatter brained! I had the crab platter! OMG...It was VERRA yummy! Lovie had the Taste of The Bayou, which had a little of everything on it. Their gumbo was out of this world, could have been warmed, but verra good!
On the way home we had to go to Wally World! I was doubled over with my stomach hurting. It is time for me to go for my yearly check up, but I had a gut feeling they are going to tell me I have another cyst My abdomen region is acting like it was when I had the last cyst they had to remove from the left side! I don't want to go till after our trip, my luck if I was to go I would be in the hospital having surgery! So...I will be going after we get back in December!
While laying on the bed in pain, Lovie was trying to make me feel better. The girls joined us and he and "Belle" started being silly!!! She was giving him kisses and licked his teeth!!!!!! It was SOO funny!

But how could you get mad at this face?!?!?!

Waht time is it?

Well Martha is almost over and I need to get to moving! Have a giggly day and stay warm!!!

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