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   I am so ready to get out of town!! We have 8 days till we leave, I REALLY need to start packing today! We made all our breakfast, lunch and dinner reservations yesterday! We did not get at the Royal Table, everyday was booked! Bummer! But now our itinerary is in order and printed out! YAHOO!
   We took some pics of our girls yesterday, they did great, a little wigglely. Also, "Lexi" had a baby a while back that she loved so much, "Belle" was NOT ALLOWED to touch her "bitty baby"! Well so had lost bitty...But Mommy found her another bitty baby at Target (FINALLY found one!). She feel IN LOVE right off!! She sleep with bitty last night! See:

A few more HERE

   I left my IPod at the camper...We thought we would nto be back out there till close to New Years, but I can't go without my IPod!!! So someitme this week we will go out to get it! Well, I better get up and get my day started! Have a giggly one your way!

OH YEAH! That is how we ALL want it, KEEP ON GOING! Don't stop, ANY of you!
Child birth has not been nice to your backside, it is like wings back there! WIDE LOAD sign needed?!?!

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