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I had a great birthday wkend!!! We went to the campground on Friday afternoon till Monday noon. Friday night we went to eat seafood with the family, we all went in to get some rest. Lovie and I got up kinda early so we could be ready for a full day of picture taking.
Around 1 pm we went inside to cool off and rest, since I was not suppose to get over heated with my incisions!!! We headed back out to take more pics, then over to my sisters to cook and get ready to watch LSU's first game!!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!! We beat Lafayette 45 - 3!!!
Lovie cooked crab meat rangoons, fried shrimp and fried fish! YUM!!!! I stuck with the rangoons, I had no room for anything else, but I did eat two shrimp! I was sorry I did not wait for them, they are fantastic!!!!
We went up to the dance to visit with everyone. Had a little police action! THe crowd was BIG around the pavilion. I really enjoyed visiting with everyone, it's finally getting back to normal around there!!!
Lovie and I had a few beers, and i was giggly!!! He told me Happy Birthday at 12:39 am!!!! I was really giggly then, because I was turned 39!!! He sang to me too , but I do not remmeber, I must have fallen asleep!!!
We got to sleep in a little on Sunday...My brother-in-law cooked breakfast and called for Lovie to come get us a plate. I had breakfast in bed!!!! ( like every wkend!! ~*giggle*~ ) We had biscuits, bacon and sausage! Making me more hungry now!!!
We rode the golf carts with Momma & Daddy, then they headed inside to take a nap. Lovie and I went to town to get some stuff for dinner. RANGOONS AGAIN!!!!! And bar-b-q!
After dinner I open my gifts, then had cake! Lovie got me a cupcake cake witha shoe on it! TOO CUTE! We went up to the dance, Lovie had a song played for me and we danced! It was nice...Then a wind blew in and something was stinky so we left! We rode the golfcart with my sister for a little bit then all headed in to bed.
Monday morning we had to take pica again...Then we rode the golfcart over to the beach with Momma & Daddy. Our golfcart was running dead, Lovie had to push me back to the camper! We got home around 1 pm, and settled in for a long afternoon. What a great wkend all but the stinch in the air!
I have not liked Janelle since the first tiem she was on Big Brother, but I have to giver her props for what she did last night! Took Dr. Evil WIll out and now she is gonna get Bogger Pick Boogie OUT!!!! I LOVE IT! Those two meet in the storage room and jump up and down like lil teenage boys! I am SOO glad they have been caught! Chill Town is HEATEN UP!!!!! Have a gigly rest of your day!!!!

It was like "Growing Up Gotti" meets the "umpa lumpa's" at the campground!

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