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~*giggle*~ Lovie NEVER can make it to mu birthday!!!! He came in this afternoon with a gift for me!! YAHOOO!!! I LOVE presents!!! He gave me a beautiful diamond and mother of pearl ring and a Mickey Mouse watch!!! LOOK!!!

I was SOOO excited!! ~*giggle*~

I have to go to the doctor in the morning, I have an infection on my incision on my chest. Also I have a stitch exposed! I called and my doctor was not in the office so the nurse asked me to come in, sooooooo I go at 12 tomorrow.
We are going to the campground for Labor Day / My Birthday wkend! Saturday night is LSU FOOTBALL!! GEAUX TIGAS!!!!!! We will be glued to the TV!!!
Speaking of TV, I will be glued to it tonight to see Bimbo Janelle take herself OFF THE BLOKE on BB7!!!! SHE WON THE VETO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Erika wanted her out, but put her on the block?!?! What is wrong with you Erika, you knew NOT to put her up on the block, you knew to play for the veto then put her on the block! COME ON!!!!!! Dr. Evil is working the whole house!!!!! I LOVE Big Brother!!!!! Have a giggly night!

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