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   Daddy is feeling better with each passing day. He has had a home health nurse come to check him. He goes back to the doctors in a week.
   We had Taylor Saturday. We went to LSU, we went into the Union and wanted to see Mike the Tiger, but is was sooooo hot he was napping in the shade!!! I didn't blame him one bit!

   After we drove around a bit to cool off we headed to the movies...Monster House in 3D!!!!!!!!!!! I twas WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had parts that made me jump!!!!! Taylor got to meet a friend while there, see...

   We too him to World Market after the movie. He found LOTS of goodies!!! He LOVED the store!!! hehehe I knew he would!!! We ended our day with a bite to eat...Chinese! YUM! Taylor ate so much he found his twin!?!?!

   I went to the eye doctor today...My sight is a little worse than in 2004 and my astigmatism is two clicks worse!!! So my script on my glasses go UP!!!! But I picked out some realy pretty glasses...Verra Wang...Brown on the outside with Lavendar on the inside and little jewels on the sides! VERRA PRETTY! I can not wait to get them!!!!!!
   I go Wednesday for my post op appointment for my cyst and the "thingy" on my back!!! I will be glad to get that over with!!!
   Hope your week is goign good...And may you have a giggly rest of your week!!!

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