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Here are some pics from while Daddy was in the hospital...Enjoy!

Daddy's four blockages

We took the kids to the indoor play area...

Taylor did not think it was too amuzing!!!

Mikayla, Lovie and I went to visit Pawpaw and took Nana to lunch, Mis Mikayla did not like the frosting in the cake!

The day before Daddy came home.

Pawpaw got a BIG booboo.

Uncle Cooter & Aunt Tinkie gave the kids spending money since they went with Lovie and I to do Momma's grocery shopping. This is her vanity set and her puppy "Lexi", Taylor was in his room with his book on Pirates and his new video game!!!

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  1. Prayers for your Daddy and I have to tell you...I came over from your meme blog to visit and this is the CUTEST stinkin' blog I have ever laid eyes on. I'm totally in love. The graphics are fantastic and there is so many cute things to look at (your kids are great too). I've added you to my blogroll so that I can come back and drool some more. You totally rock the blog circuit.


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